Hi! I'm Alice Sitar.

I would love for you to get to know me, as a multi-interests being. Feel free to reach out – I love to get to know you as well

Learn how to connect to your body and emotions to channel your energy in a way that will open up the pathways in your body to allow sexual energy flow and experience great pleasure.

Sexual energy can be a powerful medicine. Pleasure has healing properties and can even create magic when used with the right intention. Learn how to tap your own powerful energy. Move, strengthen & use it to remove blockages. With this new found energy you can manifest anything you want in your life. 

This is what I do

Hi! I'm Alice Sitar.

I have been helping people with sexual dysfunction at my clinic in Pardes Hannah, Israel.

I offer a journey of feelings, sensations, and love. A sacred space for men, women, and couples to connect to their body, mind, and spirit.

After finishing ISTA Practitioner course and 4 more of their courses (next one on my schedule already) – I’ve started offering healing services. I was surprised to learn how many people live their lives, for years, carrying different issues around their sexuality – and how simple daily practice and a different pair of glasses can solve it.

A graduate of ISTA level 1,2 and the ISTA practitioner’s course. Yoga and movement teacher and workshop facilitator. Shaman and Fire Keeper. Manifestor of love temples, sacred spaces, and harmony.

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