1-on-1 Sessions

I’m here to help you master your sexual Energy!
Through voice, touch, breath and movement I will help you achieve the freedom to experience your sexuality in a new way.

Shamanic Healing

I touch anything related to living a life full of love & passion. Offer a journey of feelings, connection, and truth.

A sacred space for men, women, and couples to connect to their body, mind, and spirit.

Why Sexuality?

Sexual energy is a powerful medicine. Pleasure has healing properties and can create magic when used with a pure and direct intention.

Learn how to tap and work with your own – move, strengthen & use it to remove blockages and manifest anything that you want.

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Hi, I’m Alice Sitar

A graduate of ISTA’s mystery school. Yoga and movement teacher and workshop facilitator. Shaman and Fire Keeper. Manifestor of love temples, sacred spaces, and harmony.

I specialize in these areas

– Alternative relationships and non-monogamous lifestyle
– Gaining freedom of choice around sexual energy
– Empowerment around shame, guilt and other believes through pleasure
– Frustration around experiencing pleasure.


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What People Say

Mickey G.

from: USA


Alice is light but serious, it’s precise, gentle and extremely helpful – Thank you!

Jonathan L.

from: Australia

Faster Than I Imagined

Alice solved my issues with premature ejaculation mush faster than I could have imagined. I can now have long intercourses with my wife!

Yoram F.

from: Israel

It Saved My Marriage

My sexuality as deteriorated so much that I could hardly have sex with my wife from all the shame. Now I can have sex for hours!

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+972 54 588 2875