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I’m here to help you master your sexual Energy!
Through voice, touch, breath and movement I will help you achieve the freedom to experience your sexuality in a new way.

Shamanic Sexuality

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Knowledge that has been tested
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Healing Sessions

I’m an experienced Sexual Shamanic Healer with full time clinical experience of 3 years and going.

I have helped hundreds of men to become the best most liberated and open sexual versions of themselves.

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What People Say

Mickey G.

from: USA


Alice is light but serious, it’s precise, gentle and extremely helpful – Thank you!

Jonathan L.

from: Australia

Faster Than I Imagined

Alice solved my issues with premature ejaculation mush faster than I could have imagined. I can now have long intercourses with my wife!

Yoram F.

from: Israel

It Saved My Marriage

My sexuality as deteriorated so much that I could hardly have sex with my wife from all the shame. Now I can have sex for hours!

Hi, I’m Alice

I have been working for years with men suffering from sexual dysfunction at my clinic in Pardes Hannah, Israel.

After finishing ISTA Practitioner course I’ve started offering healing services. I was surprised to learn how many men live their life, for years, carrying different issues around their sexuality – and how simple daily practice can solve it.

I was looking for a way to get this knowledge to as many people as possible without them needing to get to my clinic physically and pay a lot of money for one on one sessions.

This course is the way.

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+972 54 588 2875