Your Sexuality
For Men

I’m here to help you master your sexual Energy!
Through voice, touch, breath and movement I will help you achieve the freedom to experience your sexuality in a new way.

6 Week Online Course for Men

You will recieve 12 emails containing everything you need to know in an orderly fashion the as been tested to help you engage with the content on a busy schdeule

A Proved Method That Works

I’m an experienced sexual therapy with clinical experience and have helped hundreds of men to become there best possible sexual versions of themselves

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Main Benefits

I don’t just want you to overcome any sexual limitations you might have, I want to elevate your sexuality - along with you!

Overcome Obstacles in the Bedroom

Develop more sensitivity to experience pleasure on a much deeper level. Learn to heal sexual blockages in yourself and with your partner.

Gain Self-confidence

Connect and transform your life force energy in all areas in your life, assisting you in achieving your aspirations and filling you up with confidence.

Last Longer in Bed

Master your sexuality and last as long as you wish in the act of lovemaking. With the tools in this course, you will be in control of your sexual power.

Build Stronger Connections

Create deeper connections and new levels of intimacy in your relationships. Experience intimacy full of happiness, healing, and playfulness for both partners.

Master Your Arousal

Learn how to navigate your sexual energy and give women more pleasure than they ever experienced before!

Achieve Tantric Orgasms

Become a multi-orgasmic tantric man and experience full-body orgasms that will fill your life with energy and purpose.

This Course Will Solve

Around 30% of all men suffer from one form of sexual limitation or other. I created this course after years of experience working in my clinic with men, so you could tackle the issues you have been avoiding in a simple & soft manner.

Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Inability to Orgasm

Low Libido

Low Sexual Energy

Low Self Esteem

What Will You Get?

What You Get

A simple and engaging 6-week journey to elevate your sexuality, along with:

Personal Guidance

I’m here with you and will personally answer all of your assignments and questions for the entire duration of the course.

Clear Assignments

Each class is followed by a simple and clear exercise to help you integrate the materials learned in the lesson.

Exclusive Videos

Since you are for sure a busy person, this course was done with much respect for your time. All, videos were tested and perfected to be no longer than 15 min. (Access all videos for at least 3 years)


In my years of work, I have accumulated lots of links, articles, and videos to compliment the different aspects learned in the course. I will share them with you in each lesson.

Plain Language

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a lot of experience with Sexuality and bodywork – This course is written in a way you could relate and understand it easily.

Useful Tips

How to take the knowledge learned in this course and apply it to different aspects of life? I will provide you with useful tips elevate you not just your sexuality, but every aspect of your life!

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

People who did this course gave me amazing feedback. However, if you are not satisfied I will give you your money back within 30 days

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What People Say

Mickey G.

from: USA


This course is light but serious, it’s precise, gentle and extremely helpful – Thank you!

Jonathan L.

from: Australia

Faster Than I Imagined

This course solved my issues with premature ejaculation mush faster than I could have imagined. I can now have long intercourses with my wife!

Yoram F.

from: Israel

It Saved My Marriage

My sexuality as deteriorated so much that I could hardly have sex with my wife from all the shame. Now I can have sex for hours!

Hi, I’m Alice

I have been working for years with men suffering from sexual dysfunction at my clinic in Pardes Hana, Israel.

After finishing ISTA PT I’ve started offering healing services. I was surprised to learn how many men live their life, for years carrying different issues around their sexuality – and how, daily practice can solve it.

I was looking for a way to get this knowledge to as many people as possible without them needing to get to my clinic physically and pay a lot of money for one on one sessions.

This course is the way.

Anything Else?

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is good for men from every age that wants to improve their sexual performance, learn more about their sexual energy and especially for men that suffer from sexual dysfunction. This course was made in a way that it would fit both experienced and beginner levels.

This is a private and discreet course. Once every 4-5 days, you will receive an email containing a short clip with instruction and some exercises. I invite you to reply to each email so that we can be in contact – I promise to read everything!

I made this course to be easy for you to watch the videos. They are no longer than 15 minutes each and is made for you to feel as if I’m there with you in the room.

The course contains exercises and information I collected in my years of work with men on their sexual performance. These exercises are inspired by Yoga, Chi Kong, Touch, Intimacy Work, Breathing, Meditation and more.

Once the mind is relaxed and the body is open, we can start to work with our sexual energy to move it around your body and disperse it around if it gets stuck around your pelvis or learn how to in keep it if it tends to disperse too quickly. This course will expose you to the world of mastery in the bedroom.

But, we won’t stop there, the exercises will see you through deep into your everyday life improving your attention, emotional stability, and overall wellness.

No, you can do all of the exercises by yourself in your own pace, time and privacy. However, one of the side-effects of this course is that with the practice and confidence you might meet someone seemingly out of nowhere.
This answer depends a lot on you and your commitment to the exercises, If you are doing the exercises every day and following the materials sent to you I can assure you without a doubt You’ll start to see improvement within a few short weeks.
If you see no improvement within 30 days – I’ll give you your money back I’m certain the information contained in this course can help to improve your sex life. And, I’m willing to give you full money back guarantee even if you just don’t connect to the style and direction.
Yes, the purchase is secured and your details will not leak out or be shared
I can assure you the videos will be available online for a period of at least 3 years from your purchase. If you would like to receive a downloadable link that can be arranged after you finish the entire course.
You can drop me an email to alicesitarcourse@gmail.com or fill the form just below.

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