Your Sexuality
For Women

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6 Week Online Course for Women

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Knowledge that has been tested
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A Proved Method That Works

I’m an experienced Sexual Shamanic Healer with full time clinical experience of 3 years and going. 

I have helped hundreds of women to become their best sexual versions of themselves.

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What Will You Get?

What You Get

A simple and engaging 6-week journey to elevate your sexuality, along with:

Personal Guidance

I’m here with you and will personally answer all of your assignments and questions for the entire duration of the course.

Clear Assignments

Each class is followed by a simple and clear exercise to help you integrate the materials learned in the lesson.

Exclusive Videos

Since you are for sure a busy person, this course was done with much respect for your time. All, videos were tested and perfected to be no longer than 15 min. (Access all videos for at least 3 years)


In my years of work, I have accumulated lots of links, articles, and videos to compliment the different aspects learned in the course. I will share them with you in each lesson.

Plain Language

Whether you are a complete beginner or have a lot of experience with Sexuality and bodywork – This course is written in a way you could relate and understand it easily.

Useful Tips

How to take the knowledge learned in this course and apply it to different aspects of life? I will provide you with useful tips elevate you not just your sexuality, but every aspect of your life!

Hi, I’m Alice

I have been working for years with men suffering from sexual dysfunction at my clinic in Pardes Hannah, Israel.

After finishing ISTA Practitioner course I’ve started offering healing services. I was surprised to learn how many men live their life, for years, carrying different issues around their sexuality – and how simple daily practice can solve it.

I was looking for a way to get this knowledge to as many people as possible without them needing to get to my clinic physically and pay a lot of money for one on one sessions.

This course is the way.